3D Animation

About Our 3D Animation Services

We do quality 3D animation for jingles on TV stations or a video for special occasions. We also are capable of executing full animation movie projects.The aspect of our animations include character animation, fluid and clothe simulation, logo/text animation, etc.

With our 3D animation services, you bring your project to life and elevate your visual presence in the market place.

How We Operate

To create an animations, we require a few things from our clients to produce an animation. First we need to understand what the client has in mind and what he has in mind, this will be made straight to us by an initial brief explaining what is meant to be achieved.

We then require all the materials and documents and materials the client can provide to enable us work. In cases where our help would be required to aid our clients in this respect, we will be glad to do so.

We also require our client’s input as the work progresses. When the job has been done, we require your expressed approval that it has been completed as wanted.

What We Do With Our Requirements

We give a prompt and efficient service. In the end our client has high-quality  animation.

How To Get The Most Exposure From A 3D Animation

* Upload it to your company website (for example, as a Flash, Quicktime or WMV movie)
* Feature it on YouTube or Vimeo
* Play it on a large screen at a trade show
* Embed it into company or sales presentations
* Use it as part of a multimedia training package
* Have it produced on DVD or USB stick to give out at events
* Promote it via LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites
* Write a press release about it, issue this to the relevant media in your area and let your customers know about this through social media and e-marketing
* Use still images produced from the animation to accompany the press release, and for use in your company literature, e-marketing and display posters.

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