Architectural Rendering

About Our 3D Visualisation and Rendering Services

We do realistic renders of all types, ranging from architectural visualisation to visualisation of furnitures or products or even ideas for artwork. Whether it’s a 3D architectural rendering, 3D city models, or any other type of 3D rendering, with Crystal Frames there are virtually no limits to turning your ideas into reality.

Our 3D rendering services spans various industries: real estate, furniture, medical automotive and other products. Whether it be Architectural Visualisations, residential or commercial, exterior or interior rendering, walk-through, fly-through and virtual show homes, Crystal Frames are one of the most efficient suppliers to the  industry. We’ll work closely with you to showcase your designs – giving them the lighting, styling, detail and atmosphere to create a striking impression.

The benefits of our services in visual communication include

*The ability to produce a photo-realistic image of a product before the design is finalised
*The utilisation of existing CAD data to greatly reduce time and cost.
*Being able to show processes or internal components that would not be possible with photography.
*To improve on the finished manufactured appearance of a product.
*To integrate with 3D animation and consolidate 3D files.

We have continually strived to define our product visualization work through precision modeling, realistic lighting and texturing, and cinematic animation going beyond the usual and conventional methods of visualising service to more innovative concepts to make our clients stand out.We, by this effort, have been able to come up with our interactive visualisation. This release is titled “View Your Home.” Any building or product type can be visualised in this way.

How We Operate

To create a visualisation render, we require a few things from our clients to produce a render. First we need to understand what the client has in mind and what he has in mind, this will be made straight to us by an initial brief explaining what is meant to be achieved.

We then require all the materials and documents and materials the client can provide to enable us work, including all drawings with their dimensions, CAD data, engineering drawings, photographs, sketches or the actual product. We don’t need the drawings to be so perfect, even sketches are acceptable provided the dimensions are precisely correct.

We also require our client’s input as the work progresses. When the job has been done, we require your expressed approval that it has been completed as wanted.

What We Do With Our Requirements

We produce ultra-real renders with dazzling effects. You can also expect a single point of contact throughout the project, prompt and efficient service, and a high-quality end product with multiple uses.

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