About Our Publishing Services

As a registered publisher, we have what it takes to publish books, magazines, and other publication in every format of the contemporary times, whether in hard print, or ebook formats such as ePub, PDF, HTML, etc. We also help you reach the widest audience with your publications.

Apart from hard print, we publish your books online in the best online markets. The benefit of publishing your book online cannot be over emphasised. When a publishers publish their books and display it on a bookshop shelf, very seldom will it be seen even by locals but when he publishes on the Internet, it is seen by people all across the world.

Do you have a book you had initially published in hard print? This is your chance to make more sales from the same work by republishing it with us.

Some of the benefits of publishing with us include:
* Far Cheaper and Affordable Choice For Authors: If an author can’t afford to have his book in hard print, we are not limited to only publishing hard print books, e-Publishing is a good choice in such circumstances as it includes  no printing cost.
* Global Market Expansion: Publishing with us in all formats does not limit you a local market. You can publish books in hard print and also have it in eBook format online.
* Ever Accessible: Your books are always available to surfers of the Internet even on holidays.

How We Operate

To publish your book, we need the information about it. We require the some parts of the text be given us to enable us know what the book is about. However to commence work, we need the entire text.

No corrections will be made. If your work needs editing before publishing, we could help in doing that. We require the cover page design if you already have one. And finally we also will need to know the cost of your book.

We also require your input as the work progresses. When the job has been done, we require your expressed approval that it has been completed as expressed.

What We’ll Do With These Requirements

We give a prompt and efficient service designing, publishing, and presenting your book to the biggest market in the world.

Publish With Us